A Better Tomorrow

Additional Issues

"As a veteran, I know what it means to serve sacrificially and I will always do the same for my fellow citizens. "

- Regina Piazza


I believe in the axiom, “That government is best which governs least.” Therefore, as it relates to education, I will work to get power back to “home rule” —  that means parents first, then the school boards and county commissions that are accountable to them. Parents know what is best for their children and must have the power to make educational decisions about what, how, and where they will learn. Parents are also the most invested in holding the school boards and local leaders accountable for how they appropriate funds; what curriculum they choose; and how they can best support families, students, and teachers.  And, since each of our counties each face unique obstacles to educational excellence, what is good for one county might not be good for another. Each challenge needs to be addressed locally and specifically. This is why the state should be making fewer, not more, decisions regarding the education of children across the seven diverse counties of District 2.  However, the mental health of our students is plummeting and drugs like fentanyl are killing them at alarming rates. So while I believe the state should have a limited role in the education of our children, as your State Senator, I will absolutely fight for their lives.  Therefore, in the Senate, I will:


  • Work to reduce the power of the DOE and limit the role of the state.

  • Empower parents to decide what, how, and where their children learn.

  • Support local leaders, as they prioritize parents’ rights and solve local challenges.

  • Prioritize mental health for our students.

  • Tackle the drug epidemic.

Illegal Immigration

While many issues related to border security and immigration remain national issues best addressed at the federal level, our current Administration's policies are failing, and we are reaping the consequences. Florida must fight back.  As illegal immigrants are being bussed to states across the nation, a Texas law enforcement officer observed, “Every state is a border state now.” Consequently, Florida must draw boundaries, as we tell the federal government what it can and cannot do within the borders of our state.  Our nation was built on — and in many ways, still runs on — LEGAL immigration. We honor our immigrant heritage and the beauty that this diversity has brought. Across Florida’s cities, we have thriving immigrant populations, and in America, we will always welcome people from all over the world to bring their skills and talents to contribute to the flourishing of our nation.  Conversely, illegal immigration ravages our towns with drug, human, and sex trafficking. Illegal immigrants fill jobs that legal immigrants and American citizens should receive, while incentivizing employers to skip out on paying taxes and benefits. It burdens our health care systems and drives up costs, and more.  I won’t stand for it.  Therefore, in the Senate, I will:

  • Support Governor DeSantis as he pushes back against the Biden Administration and shields Floridians from the fallout of failed federal policies. 

  • Refuse to grant legal documents and public services to anyone here illegally.

  • Penalize employers who hire illegal workers.

  • Fight the fallout of illegal immigration in areas like drug & human trafficking, employment, and public health.