A Better Tomorrow

Key Issues

"We will work collaboratively to boldly advocate for the freedom to work, worship and educate, consistent with our inalienable rights."

- Regina Piazza

2nd Amendment

I’ll be blunt. Red flag laws are unconstitutional.  The 2nd Amendment is the foundational right that equips you to protect all other rights. But red flag laws jeopardize and even outright violate them.  That’s why, in the Senate, I’ll work to repeal red flag laws, and I’ll support Constitutional Carry.  As a veteran and gun owner myself, I know how precious your right to defend yourself, your family, and your property is. And it’s a right that we must actively work to protect. The government does not exist to grant or allow freedoms – it exists to protect and defend them. Therefore, I will fiercely defend your 2nd Amendment rights in the Florida Senate, and I’ll make sure that our state continues to shield you and your rights from encroaching federal overreach.

Attainable, Sustainable Housing

Inflation, rising prices at the pump, soaring costs of groceries, through-the-roof insurance premiums, and more — compounded by the crushing losses many counties still bear after Hurricane Michael — are putting an unsustainable squeeze on the residents of District 2. You need relief, and you need it now.  That’s why I have a working plan to create attainable, sustainable housing across District 2. This plan is innovative, collaborative, and best of all — ready to go once I’m elected.  My plan works hand-in-hand with businesses and developers, making sure that if a company wants to benefit from operating in our freedom-loving state, they must also bring benefits to our freedom-loving people.  Secure housing is a fundamental piece of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s why I’m committed to making sure we have it in District 2.


The recent overturn of Roe v. Wade means that now, we’re up, and we’ve got a job to do. In Florida, we have decent laws in place, but they’re not good enough. Our most recent legislation on this issue still allows abortions up to 15 weeks gestation. That’s second trimester — more than three months into a pregnancy.  My Christian faith demands that I value life; the Constitution demands that I protect life; and as a Conservative, it is imperative that I preserve life — at all stages and ages. Therefore, in the Senate, I will defend the unborn from conception PERIOD; support moms in need; advocate for adoptive and foster families; and fund crisis pregnancy centers.  Our most vulnerable Floridians deserve to live a long life of flourishing in the Sunshine State. I intend to make sure every one of them gets that chance. Abortion has no place in the United States, in Florida, or in District 2.

Mental Health

We have a mental health crisis in our nation, and District 2 is not exempt. We have veterans in great need and taking their own lives at shocking rates. We have families struggling. We have students in turmoil. There is not a demographic that exists that is untouched by the downward spiral of failing mental health. Financial strain and COVID isolation have only compounded the already complex problem.  As a veteran myself and the wife of an Air Force physician who has been working for years to care for our Wounded Warriors, I know how desperate the need is for timely, quality mental health care for our vets, our families, and our students. I also know how complex the contributing causes of the crisis are. 

Additional Platforms

"It is important to get back to the basics, master those and teach our children HOW to think, not WHAT to think."

- Regina Piazza